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ASSAULT ON MARRIAGE by Stanley Dickson (Part 2)

Marriage is designed by God and His blessings and care are extended to it. In marriage, couples find the sweetest experience known to man. The fullness and richness of heart, soul, mind, body and emotions that exist within the confines of marriage by far outweighs and exceeds anything ever invented or imagined. Nowhere else can people find such fulfillment, comfort, strength and purpose as is found in marriage. Marriage is unique and without an equal in human relationships. In it we find a strength and support that will come from no other. The sharing and giving (never taking) of husbands and wives to each other form a bond that will weather the storms of life, and give stability and hope to those they touch. Regardless of how many friends we have, or how much of this world’s goods and fame we may acquire, we will never find in them the support and help that comes from the love and care of a spouse.

From within the confines of a happy and devoted marriage comes the very material that the foundation of society is built upon, the family. Without question, when marriages suffer and fail, the fallout of that is a family that, to some degree, is dysfunctional and begins to forfeit the true blessings of life. God told Ezekiel, when He made him a watchman on the wall, “...Hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.” Ezekiel 3:17. So I would like to point out what I see as an all out assault on the institution of marriage by Satan and the mustered forces of this ungodly world. Remember, you cannot expect any help from the world and the changing rules of society. Regrettably, society is ruled by the god of this world, and his influence is in all aspects of society, even religion. Our help comes from the Lord and from allowing Him to be the center and heart of our life and marriage. Without Him we can do nothing. To the sorrow of mankind, many are trying to establish marriage on a foundation other than the truth of Jesus Christ and His life.

{watch for more to be posted or search F&V 4/98 pgs2,3&15} {or search Finding Truth & Hope issue 8, pgs 3,4,&5}

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