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TRaveling With God


     Charlotte grew up on a farm in Oregon which she dearly loved.  She and her husband spent 23 years as missionaries on the Baja California coast.  She is a faithful follower of Christ and full of godly wisdom, as well as a talented storyteller and writer.  Order books at

Traveling with God is the fifth book in a series of memories from the mission field written by Charlotte Huskey. In the first book, Mabel: A Demonstration of the Power of God’s Word, readers get acquainted with Charlotte’s mother Mabel, a remarkable young girl left alone in the world who finds strength and comfort reading her Bible while struggling to survive. Live with Mabel, her husband and children on an Oklahoma farm in A Faithful Father. In How Big is God, and Growing up in the Valley, experience the excitement and despair of missionary life with Charlotte and her family in Baja California, Mexico.


In Traveling with God, you will go with these same characters as they travel over Mexico and the southern United States. Read about God repairing their old station wagon in an answer to prayer. Catch fish with them on a warm moonlit night. Tremble with Charlotte when bandits hold her and her friends at gunpoint.


May the miracles shared in these books inspire readers to dedicate their lives to God and His service

20210223_114704 (1).jpg
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