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Growing Children in the light of eternity

     Charlotte grew up on a farm in Oregon which she dearly loved.  She and her husband spent 23 years as missionaries on the Baja California coast.  She is a faithful follower of Christ and full of godly wisdom, as well as a talented storyteller and writer.  Order books at

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(PDF)  "Growing Children in the Light of Eternity" is a collection of bits of wisdom God has given.   Thirty-three brief chapters full of outstanding philosophies for Christian parenting.  One section is devoted to getting  a child off to a good start in the first few years.  It contains excellent instructions for training children to control their emotions while very young, which will help any child to enjoy a happier, more successful life.  There are chapters on teaching the grade school age child to mature, listen to his conscience, and take responsibility for his actions and duties.  Other chapters are directed to coaching teenagers into assuming adult accountability.  In this section parents will find hope, courage, and instructions for heart bonding in those years that some parents find turbulent.

            This book will point parents to God's thoughts about parenting.  It should help them to lead their children away from low, earthly things into the high fields of God's eternal values.  Hopefully it will encourage parents to nurture their children's spirits as they nourish their bodies, because the child's spirit will live forever.   

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